Monday, January 3, 2011

Primos Trigger sticks (Tripod version)


More legs result in greater stability when it's time to make your shot count! The Primos® Trigger Stick™ Tripod is designed for standing/kneeling. It features two-piece aluminum construction and a detachable V-yoke. Adjusts from 36.5'' to 61''.

Used this product for muzzle loader hunt during the rut! We put in many miles in carrying these shooting sticks. Their light weight made it very easy to carry and easy to deploy. This can also be used for supporting spotting scope, binoculars and makes great walking sticks. This product provided excellent stabilization for long range shots. Darn Muley just not what we were searching for.

Downfall is we lost the top after not tightening back down to come down mountain after glassing all morning. So tie it on to sticks to prevent loss. Part was ordered and arrived quickly. Other draw back is that legs clang together. Camo tape or other noise buffer recommended.

In conclusion this product is TRU Tested Approved can be purchased at Cabelas, Bass Pro Shops and Sportsman’s Guide.

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