Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kings Camo

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This post today has to deal with Camouflage clothing. The Trutested Team  has spent years out in the field here in Arizona. For those that have been here I am sure that you would agree that we have almost every type of terrain and climate change that normally you would have to travel great distances to see. With these changes comes a necessity for being able to adapt to whatever comes at you and have the right gear to do so. For us we have chosen to wear Kings Camo. They have a great camouflage pattern for wherever you are, their products are built specifically for hunters and yes they do have some pretty darn cool looking casual outdoor wear.

Typically for a forest type of environment or rocky terrain I use the darker, Mountain Shadow pattern. This pattern will help you blend into those darker colors that surround you and has a good break up of greens included for when you need to sneek in real close. This 3-d type of pattern really lets you disappear in the woods.

For the high desert you simply cannot beat King's Desert shadow. This pattern has been used repeatedly by hunters to bag hundreds of trophy Elk, Mule deer, Mountain Lions, Coyotes and many other game animals. I use this pattern the most because this is the type of area where I hunt. Whether it be on the Kaibab Plateau hunting Muleys or in my hometown of Wickenburg chasing those desert mule deer. This is the pattern I use and have had many close encounters with the game I am pursuing using this great pattern. For a great all types of terrain pattern this is my number 1 choice as this will break up your silhouette in most places you go. these great patterns come in lightweight to polar fleece types of materials and will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter and keep you dry when those unexpected storms come at ya. That is of course if you packed it with ya.

Kings also has many other types of patterns for you and your type of terrain. Visit their website here and see for yourself. While you are their check out their awesome day packs and back pack that they have. They are very durable and have all the essentials necessary for hunting or hiking.

Thank you so much for reading and please post a comment if you like or even if you don't!

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  1. Never heard of Kings, but will visit their site and take a look! Thanks for the tip, and good post! Jack