Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Low Cost gift ideas for Bow Hunters, Hunters and Fisherman

Financially many of us are a bit more strapped for cash than we have been perhaps in previous years. I have compiled a few products from three of the leading suppliers of outdoor products for those of us who hunt, fish and Bow hunt. I found items that I was particularly interested in and thought that many of my brothers and sisters in the field would enjoy to have that are well priced and/or on sale. All of these products mentioned have great reviews from me and my team as well as other buyers. I will be compiling reviews and making posts weekly for different items from different store to try and help those starting out or just looking for the best deal. That being said lets get down to business.

Bass Pro Shops this year seems to have the best bargains this year with their line of quality products. A good example of this is their Deer trail day pack. It goes for 20 bucks and can be equipped with a hydration bladder which comes in very convenient while out scouting, hunting or hiking. It will carry just enough for a small trip and is comfortable. This pack comes highly suggested with great reviews. Next on the list is the Outdoor edge Game processing kit. For 70 bucks you get an array of great knives that really hold their edge. I have used mine on many a critter and have yet to have to sharpen it. Everything in this kit is all you will need after a successful hunt. All the stores promote this at the same remarkable price. For good quality Camo shirts Redhead Micro lite shirts are a great deal at 30 bucks they are made of great material and hold up well under all conditions. The True fit line is on sale for 20 bucks as well and is comparable to the micro lite. For pants we recommend Red Head Fleece camo pants they are quiet, comfortable and at 30 bucks a great deal.

For the Bow hunter the Plano hard case is a absolute need! At 40 dollars you can’t believe the protection it delivers under the worst treatments. For Carbon arrows, Bass Pro Shops gives you the Red Head brand Carbon Fury arrows. At 45 Bucks for a dozen they cannot be beat. They come highly recommended and are durable and stand up to other more expensive brands although they are just a bit weighty than some of the more expensive brands. If you are looking to get a family member a new Bow then you should undoubtedly check out the Diamond Razor Bow package at 330 Dollars it is a great fast bow and is ready to hunt with as it comes with all the accessories.  Some folks do not like the rest that is provided with this package but a rest can be picked up rather inexpensive if necessary. Another great package is the Bear Archery Charge. It is available for 400 bucks and comes very highly recommended. Bear archery is a strong company and has been around for years. Founded by one of the finest archers to ever live! For targets we recommend the Morrel Yellow Jacket target. It will last a very long time and new covers are available if you wear the first one out. But it takes thousands of shots before that happens.

For the Fisherman in your life Bass Pro Shops is offering great rod and reel combos. For example the Team Daiwa Strike force Combo is only 65 dollars at any length rod you may need. This isn't true with other companies most only give you the option of 6’6” and 7’ and although most popular sometimes not the best suited for some folks and applications. We all know how the Bass fisherman needs at least 4 different sized rods! Also for those that need to have a spinning combo. The Wally Marshall Spinner combo is just 30 bucks and is a bargain for sure. All types of fish are caught on spinning reels every day and as the weather is cold many fisherman are going to be employing light line and fishing deep. Another great idea that we love is the Berkely portable spooler. This awesome gadget makes life so much simpler when despooling and spooling lines. But for those of you who like to struggle through the process I understand. You probably don’t ask for directions either. If your looking for raingear at a great price. Look no further than the Squaltex Bone Dry rain paints matched with the Red head camo rain jacket. Together they're 110 bucks but are quality rain gear and are worth the extra money. Hypothermia is way more costly!

At Cabelas I found it a bit harder to find great deals but you'll find a few that are out there . Their website is just a bit more difficult to navigate for great deals. But I did manage to find a few I felt were spectacular. The Primos Ground max blind is at its lowest price here at Cabelas. This Blind is very spacious and can be used for archery and rifle hunts. It is portable and relatively light weight. Save 50 bucks on it right now only at Cabelas! I also found an awesome Predator call here. The Power dog is on sale for only 100 dollars usual retail price is 150. This digital call has great sounds already programmed into it and can be used to call in all sorts of critters. Its remote control has a great reach of 100 yds to help keep the wiley coyotes, foxes and bobcats confused. Start it up and hold on for the action! For Archers/bow hunters Cabelas has their Carbon Hunter Arrows on sale for 30 dollars for a half dozen arrows, of course they sell them by the dozen for 60 dollars. Compared to the popular Carbon Express Maxima hunter at 150 dollars a dozen this is a great deal!  Look into them and compare. I think you will find they're comparable for the price. For ready to hunt combinations on Bows the PSE bow madness is going for 565 bucks and everyone knows that PSE is one of the leading and more well known manufacturers. This Bow is fast at well over 300 fps and comes highly reviewed. We have shot these bows and feel that anyone will definitely be happy he or she bought it. Cabelas did win out when it came to targets for archery their comparable bag target is only 40 dollars as compared to 45 for the Morrell yellow jacket. We like both targets but if you really need to pinch some pennies this is the better deal. Also they have a 3-d target from Mckenzie targets for 80 dollars. These targets were the very first realistic 3-d targets and have been around for years. They have replaceable inserts and are great out at camp and home for practice! As far as clothing shirts and pants were all pretty much the same comparable price depending on what you like.
For the fisherman at Cabelas I found the Daiwa Exceller rod and real combo. Daiwa throws out some great rod and reels and at 60 dollars you cannot beat em. Lengths of rods are 6’6 and 7’0 like I said earlier though. Also I like their Frogg Togg rain gear 60 bucks for the set blows all others out of the water. So keep your fisherman dry and pleased so when he comes back from his trip he will have a great fishing tale not a darn it was cold and wet out there story. We all know how fisherman like their stories.

At Gander Mountain I determined their Techunter Day back to be awesome! At 100 dollars though I found it hard to put in this article as we are trying to stay on a budget. But I did finally determined to include it because of its superior quality. So if you can spend the extra cash to get a pack that not only looks great but is just a little more durable than the cheaper brands this is the pack for you! It also is water bladder compatible and is made with hi-tech fabrics I don’t even want to try and understand. The camo long sleeve shirts at Gander for the penny pincher is about 2 dollars less expensive than Cabelas or Bass Pro Shop at 18 bucks.
For Archery/bow hunters I found that arrows were not comparable they have the name brands of Carbon Express at 55 dollars and Gold tip at 70  bucks. This is only for 6 arrows and even though they are great arrows I believe that saving these for the hunt is best as to using them in every day practice is not really recommended. There are many that will advise you different because they want to get scientific but folks I’m a poor boy so I will take the slower arrows to practice with, then a week before hunting season hook my bow up to the more expensive arrows and adjust accordingly! For Bow packages that are ready to hunt they have the Parker Wildfire XP at 300 dollars and Parker Wildfire extreme at 500 dollars these are very good bows and come with everything you need to just take out and start shooting after a few adjustments.
For fisherman at Gander Mountain I found the Bait cast BSP for 50 dollars it has great reviews and comes n 6’6 and 7’0. Also the Creek side basic raingear is going for 100 bucks.
Well I hope I helped give you some suggestions about what your outdoorsman might be wanting at a decent price. I think that holiday shopping is equivalent to going to the dentist to get a tooth pulled without the drugs so I wish you all the best. Remember if you really need a bailout plan just get em a gift card and you know that they will get what they want. A bit less personable but for some they sure come in handy. From all of us here Happy holidays and God Bless you all!